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Data Center Hardware Disposition and AuditHardware Maintenance ReviewProject and Engagement ManagementAdditional Services

IT Consulting

If you are considering a change in your business platform and/or had a recent merger and need a transformation, integration, or technical advisor, our IT consulting team has extensive experience in all areas below.

  • Diagnostics: Formulating customer needs, gathering information related to the objective, and laying groundwork in preparation for improvement.
  • Solution Proposal: Showing diverse scenarios recommended to incorporate or modernize an existing IT infrastructure.
  • Project Conception: Specifying the scope of a project or requirements determining which services or systems will be involved in the change.
  • Planning: Defining tasks to implement the solutions or enhance performance.
  • Implementation: Executing the tasks planned with the tools required to achieve the objectives.

Architecture and Design Solutions

Scenarios and solutions are detailed, documented, and planned out using our knowledge base Information Technology to meet the customer’s needs. Our A&D service will provide:

  • Infrastructure best practices defining various hardware, software, cloud options, applications and services
  • HLD (High Level Design) diagram
  • LLD (Low Level Design) diagram
  • Operation Process:  Security, Monitoring, Backups, Replication Process, Disaster Recovery, CMDB, etc.

Managed Services

Managed services may be something to consider even if you have the staff.  Questions to consider:

  • Do I need to hired experts in some, most, or all areas of IT?
  • How much will it cost to hire fully burdened employees to perform these tasks?
  • What’s the cost to keep your people trained?

If most of your answers are “no” or “too expensive”, we have an option for you.

Our Managed Services are focused on the operation and monitoring of your platform - operating systems, databases, storage/backups, and common commercial applications including troubleshooting of hardware/software issues either remotely or on-site.  Also available are security vulnerabilities remediation.

Implementation and Deployment

This service involves the review/inspection of the environmental requirements for physical installation, electrical requirements, assembly, positioning, device connectivity, software-drivers or packages, and network connectivity. We scope everything before installation into the production environment using best practices and vendor requirements. In most situations we execute on:

  • Software installation and configuration
  • Replication of the configuration on multiples elements
  • Network cabling and wiring

eCommerce Portal Web Design and Development

eCommerce websites must be easy (user friendly), simple, and affordable and must integrate backstage applications or modules for Sales, CRM, Inventory, and ERP tools. We are able to leverage all those features in our practice providing organizations with a world class website and shopping cart solution. If you need suggestions regarding the design we can assist in finding a solution that best fits your needs. Our eCommerce websites are extremely easy to use and simplify the management of your online business.

Technical Support (Remote or Onsite)

If you need competent and affordable technical assistance we have multiple points of contact to reach our Help Desk services via website, e-mail, phone, or chat service. We diagnose and repair/fix common problems with your system (hardware) and application services (software), providing quality remediation remotely (through internet connection) or onsite at your location.

  • 24 x 7 service
  • Personalized interaction
  • SLA response time in 60 min or less
  • Affordable monthly or hourly plans available
  • One- time services at a reasonable price
  • Ticket management

Data Center Hardware Disposition and Audit

As organizations undertake major transformational events (public cloud, data center consolidation, hyperconvergence, etc.) speed of change and brand protection responsibilities heavily involve IT Departments.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Audit, logistics, data security, and value recovery are all part of our expertise on a global coverage and scale.  Focus on the future and let us take care of the past with our data center hardware decommission process.

Hardware Maintenance Review

Hardware maintenance fees can have a major impact on annual IT budgets.  We have the ability to review vendor invoices and recommend alternatives to reduce costs.

Project Management
Engagement Management

A critical part of any project is to successfully complete the work within the constraints given. We have a team of senior consultants that are solely responsible for initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and finalizing tasks to completion as agreed upon with the client utilizing a proven repeatable process.

We Consult, Architect, Manage, and/or Implement the following

Operating Systems
Storage, Drives, Files, and Directories
Users, Groups, and Roles
Services DHCP, DNS, DC, AD, and Clustering
Network / Peripherals
Packages, Applications, Patch, and Updates
Kernel Parameters
Security / Hardening
Health, Performance, and Availability Reports
Data Backups / Recoveries
DB Instances and Tables
Binary, Patch, and Updates
Users, Groups, and Roles
Health, Performance, and Availability Reports
Security / Hardening
Data Backups/Recovery, Replication, and Policies
Virtual servers
Migration P2V, V2V, and Other
Virtual Networks
Templates, Snapshots, and Clones
Installation / Tuning
Startup, Shutdown, and Restart
Users, Groups, Roles, Privileges, and Permissions
Alarms, Alerts, and Logs
Security / Hardening
Physical Implementations
Fiber - UTP
VLANs, IP Administration
Virtual Appliances (Firewalls, Load Balancers)
Users, Groups, Roles, Privileges, and Permissions
Alarms, Alerts, and Logs
Security / Hardening
Best Practices Consulting and Penetration Testing
Physical Implementations
Fiber / UTP
SAN Management / vSAN
Users, Groups, Roles, Privileges, and Permissions
Alarms, Alerts, and Logs